Legal support for your business: because an accurate and timely advice in the hand is worth…

Dealing with your company’s legal issues is a day-by-day challenge: we operate in a market and industry sectors that are highly regulated, where compliance with law is a priority to avoid violations and sanctions, but also an added value to your business.

You communicate with advanced multi-media advertising techniques your products and services, but you are aware that many new rules apply to this activity, that may be industry-specific, and in addition your image and intellectual property must be protected in such a complex environment, as well as it is necessary to anticipate or react against potential initiatives from competitors.

At your company, you want to protect your interests and regulate activities by means of agreements, policies, procedures, forms, correspondence that may constitute a valuable asset or alternatively result in an undesirable exposure to risks that might be prevented with an accurate technical and legal analysis and planning.

Ranging from specific opinions on spot issues up the specialised advice provided on a regular basis, from contract and legal document drafting on-demand to the legal review of proposal and agreements submitted from business partners and providers, from relations with B2B client to consumer-related issues, we may offer active legal support, easy to understand and ready to implement, effective, and precious as your business.