Litigation: when the going gets tough…


Sometimes you need to prepare and appear in court, either to defend yourself and your interests against threats, charges and complaints or actively pursue damages or take legal action against third parties, and you want to do it with special preparation, robust support, assistance and well-equipped litigators.

Criminal defence: our business crime practice - fraud prevention, computer crimes and phishing, violation of data protection and security rules, as well as in all aspects and sectors of criminal practice. We assist you in the detection and collection of evidence, prepare and file criminal complaints and proactively pursue your interests throughout all criminal proceedings, including before Courts of Appeal and even the Supreme Court. We assume your defence when investigated or charged, coordinate and devise the most appropriate defensive strategies and choices, as well as defensive investigations, we adopt the most efficient interaction with the Police, the District Attorney, and the Judiciary Authorities.

Internal investigations: an effective, sensible and responsive approach in dealing with delicate matters - respect for employee data privacy and protection for employer’s interests against any form of business misconduct

White collar crimes: assistance, drafting and enforcement of corporate control schemes, "Decree 231/01" compliance, pre-trial audit