Business and contract law

Business and Contract Law: we take good care of legal aspects of your business and produce your contracts and agreements, providing you with an effective legal instrument today and ensuring a protection shield in the future, by adopting specific drafting techniques, layout and styles, based on multi-annual experience and review of best practice of your sector. We analyse your plans and commercial schemes from a legal standpoint for ensuring them as valid tools of your success.

Regulatory, our multi-sector industry-focused versatile expertise: we listen and understand your needs because we speak your language in today Italian and European highly-regulated business environment.

Advertising and Competition law / Health, Pharmaceutical and Food Law: our multi-annual expertise in providing first-class legal and regulatory advice to market leaders in these important industry sectors, with very good results and very positive feedback from our clients*. In-depth knowledge of the business sector, interaction and contacts with supervisory Authorities, with excellent track-record of successful defence strategies, continuous monitoring of case law, guidelines and decisions at Italian and European level. A multi-layer, highly competitive, responsive legal advice for your core business.

Advertising law – food & beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer products and services specific requirements, comparative and misleading advertising, consumer protection, legal analysis and advice on marketing strategies, commercials, promotional schemes and prize competitions, assistance in proceedings before the Italian Jury of Self-Regulatory Authority of Advertising “IAP” before the Division of the Italian Antitrust Authority “AGCM” for unfair commercial practices

Food law - regulatory, health and nutritional claims regulation, advertising, legal and nutritional product labelling, consumer protection, interaction and filing with Authorities

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare law – regulatory pharma and medical devices, advertising rules and promotional activities analysis, product liability, professional ethics, industry contracts (development, distribution, co-marketing/co-promotion), sensitive data protection, clinical trials and corporate/M&A